Our School…

„Cieszkowianka” (Primary School no 2) is one of the biggest schools in Luboń. There are approximately 900 pupils studying in our buildings. The youngest are 5-year-olds. The oldest are six-graders who will pass their first serious exam in the spring. The school hires over 80 educators who teach and care for all of the students every day.

We always try to upkeep a joyful atmosphere in the school. Besides studying, we engage in various activities. Teachers offer a wide choice of special events, contests and open competitions. Students take part both in local and international projects. We’re very successful in sports – students play football, volleyball, basketball and swim. We have got our own student council that is elected every year. There are plenty of official school ceremonies and many less formal festivities. We don’t miss any reason to enjoy a good fun!

Our parents fully participate in the school life. Every year, they help out with organizing the summer farewell festivity. We invite all the town members and sell food and self-made crafts. It’s how we learn resourcefulness.

The teachers are very kind and rarely award poor grades. They take us for school trips – at the seaside, in the mountains or other awe-inspiring sites. We take part in many extracurricular classes. We learn art and crafts, photography, drama or playing instruments.

Our school is the best of all!