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    06.03.2019r - wywiady klasy 1-3 ----------------------------------------------------------------- 07.03.2019r - wywiady klasy 4-8
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    21.03.2019 – Dzień Patrona, powitanie wiosny
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    15.04 - 17.04.2019 - egzamin ósmoklasisty, dzień wolny z puli dyrektora szkoły, zajęcia opiekuńcze w świetlicy szkolnej
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    18.04.2019 - 23.04.2019 – przerwa świąteczna
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    24, 25, 26.04.2019 - rekolekcje wielkopostne

Erasmus+ Internship 2015/2016

Tamara Kovačič

Before coming to Poznań I did not know what to expect; on the one hand I was afraid, but on the other I was really excited about all the things I would learn, all the people I would meet and all the places I would see. From the very beginning I felt welcomed and throughout the whole internship. I always had help and support if needed, both from the teachers and the students. They were all friendly and they made me feel like I am a part of the school community. At the start of the internship, I mostly observed lessons in various classes. That enabled me to get an insight into school life; the latter was really helpful later on. After two weeks of observations, the presentations of my hometown and my country followed. I had a lot of fun during those lessons and I hope students and teachers can still remember the things I learned them. When I got to know the students, the teachers and the school I was ready for teaching. Sometimes the lessons were great, sometimes a bit less. But the most important of all is what I gained from the lessons and how I grew as a teacher. During this internship I learned a lot about myself: who am I as a person and as a teacher. I was given an opportunity to work in a friendly and welcoming environment. I have met many nice people and some of them became my good friends. I learned how important the role of a teacher is. Thanks to students and teachers I had many opportunities to go on trips with them and saw many nice places that I would not otherwise. I am grateful for the given opportunity and I will never forget all the things I did and all the people I met on my way.

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